20-some odd songs to choose from for next weekend's 3-day run...2 40-minute shows Thursday & Friday, and one 80-minute set Saturday(that may end up going longer since our co-headliners might be short a guitarist)....this is what we're looking at. I'm not gonna lie, we'll be flying by the seat of our pants on a few of these, but we're determined to make such haphazardness look damn good, so rest easy in the knowledge that any mistakes will be made with flair.

 Once this inaugural shake-out of the new lineup is complete(you never know how well folks are gonna work together 'til you cram 'em in a van for a few days and see if they can play nice in close quarters), we should have enough footage to complete the "How Does It Feel" video, and be sufficiently greased up to start doing a few more shows.

 I feel like I neglect this site sometimes, so I just figured I'd post this real quick since I was already working on a blog about constructing a set-list, for next Monday's edition of "Hearing Things". Here's to a good weekend...hope to see you all soon.




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