Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not September yet. I’ve never been one for waiting until the last minute to get something done(although I did realize last Wednesday that I’d been driving on expired tags for over a month), and tend to get things turned in early whenever possible, this time around it’s mere practicality driving me to drop this thing a few days ahead of schedule. You see, not only is it my duty to inform you all that our latest release ‘Ten & 2’ is now available for streaming and download on all the major services that deal in such content(links to follow), but we have a show coming up this Saturday, that happens to fall on the 1st of the month, and I was simply afraid that some of you might miss out on this spectacular opportunity to see us in our natural habitat if I held off until the day-of.

So, Saturday, September 1st, we’ll be at Persie’s, in Creve Coeur, IL, supported by our buddy Brent Stortzum & at least one of his Valentines, along with Bubblegum Jack frontman Tommy Edwards’ cryptically-monikered solo project Thomas. Doors at 6, bands kicking off at 8, and we’ll be closing out the night with one or two guest appearances that will almost surely please fans of guest appearances.

Now, as for these places selling our new thing in the digital ether, here are but a FEW of the seemingly reputable vendors from whom you may lease or purchase our latest wares(just click on the name):




CD Baby 

We’ve been out a bit promoting ‘Ten & 2’, hitting some of our usual haunts, and trekking off to new territories, including a whirlwind run up to New England, during which we managed to get not one but two credit cards hacked, spring a leak in our van’s gas tank(conveniently discovered on the Jersey turnpike), hear some of the most tragically ironic dressing room banter of all time, and reach a level of thirst desperation that necessitated the purchase of $6 bottles of Budweiser from the hotel guest services counter at 3AM. On the plus side, we played a cool show with some great bands, met a mess of even cooler people, and took half an afternoon on the way home to hang out in Greenwich Village, eat some NY pizza & visit a few must-see rock n’ roll landmarks like the original KISS rehearsal loft and The Dakota, so a little identity theft and oral diarrhea quickly became a footnote in the journal.

Speaking of Mr. Lennon, anyone still interested in the “Give Side Piece A Chance” shirt MIGHT be able to score one here, but we’ve burned through most of our stock, so certain sizes are disappearing from availability. If you really want one, you might wanna get on ordering it ASAP, because we could very well be totally out of these soon, and I’m not sure when we’ll get around to doing another run, if at all. Click HERE  to see if we still have your size.

Some press for the record has been popping up too, in the form of reviews and interviews…some print, some audio. Here are some links to a handful of those, should you care to hear what other folks are saying about the album, and/or get a little insight into the making of it.

Absolute Powerpop 

Real Gone 

Rockeyez Radio 

Manamal Streaming Radio 

Coming up, in addition to the show on the 1st, I’ll be doing a solo acoustic set at City Winery Atlanta on Saturday, September 8th at 6:30PM, and we’ll be playing the indoor stage at The Verve in Terre Haute, IN on Friday, September 14th at 9PM, as part of Blues Fest. We’ll end the month in Madisonville, KY on Friday, September 28th, with an acoustic show at The Crowded House that fires up at 8PM. In between these, we’ll be tweaking the live show and working in one or two more of the new tunes, so we can switch things up some for shows in the Fall as we close out the year.

I’ll leave you with this, if you haven’t seen it already. NOT SAFE FOR WORK….or most children’s ears.

 Be good to each other,
   The Great Affairs