It’s almost February, and I’ve gotta admit….as much as I was ready for a little time off from playing shows, time we needed to finish up this long-overdue covers EP, and a few spare minutes to come up for air creatively, so that we might actually get into the headspace of putting together some new material of our own…I’m really itching to get back out there.

My voice seems to have healed up pretty well(fingers crossed), my SOLO RECORD is still selling here & there(in spite of having done nothing in the way of shows to promote it. Sorry.), and that covers EP I just mentioned is officially done. Mixed, mastered, and handed off to the pressing facility just this week, we should have them in our possession shortly. So, if you wanna preorder a copy or 2, just click on this LINK , fork over the requested funds, and cop a squat by your mailbox, ‘cause they’re on track to be shipping out on or around February 7th.

 Check out a couple of previews…



 We’ll be posting more at our REVERBNATION page, as we close in on the drop.

 Here’s the just-announced official lineup for October’s RNS ’17 festival. While we’re no longer playing the pre-party on Thursday night, we’ve graduated to the main stage for the final day, Sunday, headlined by Ace Frehley. Instead of the typical TGA set, we’ll be acting as backing band for former Best Of Seven frontman Shane Tassart, currently of The Hot Summers. We’re going to be doing a set that mixes stuff from all of our bands, including fORMER, BO7, Bombshell Crush, and maybe a cover or two, if we can find some tunes we all agree on.

 In the lab, work has commenced on a bunch of new songs, and I think we’re finally starting to hit our stride, so expect to hear a lot of unfamiliar numbers when we do actually get back on the road, which looks like it will be in mid-March with some Illinois and Ohio dates. The new stuff is; at least so far, a little more on the rock n’ roll tip….less strumming, more riffing, if that makes any sense….but never fear, there is a wealth of  “Loud Pop” stuff in the pipeline that will manifest itself in some shape or fashion before too long as well, even if it’s not in the form of an actual TGA release.

 In the immediate meantime, Kenny & I are off to Illinois this weekend to play an acoustic set at The “Friends Of Shandi’s” benefit at Moore’s Pub in Canton, IL. There’s something like a dozen acts playing throughout the day and night, with our slot somewhere in the middle at 4PM. We’re gonna tackle some tunes from my record, like this one, that my buddy Chuck Murphy made a little video for….


….along with a few of things from our catalog that most folks seem to react favorably to.

  OK then, I think that’s about it for now. Keep your eye on our CALENDAR, like us on FACEBOOK, unless you want us to have even lower self-esteem, and go pre-order the new EP, which is going to be sold EXCLUSIVELY here….well, and at shows, but nowhere else, honest….no iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., etc. True story.

 Be good to each other,