While we may not have played many shows since our last update, we haven't been idle in the least. I took a quick trip to Vegas with my ladyfriend, to celebrate Valentine's Day in style; spending most of our time testing the endurance of our livers, searching for a single operational KISS slot machine, squandering our life savings, and even catching a private acoustic performance from Queens Of The Stone Age prior to their appearance at The Hard Rock Cafe later that evening.

We came back a little worse for wear, but I went straight to work on finishing up The Die Youngs record at The Switchyard, and we've more or less managed to do just that. 13 songs are ready for mastering, and we'll get on that next week, with an eye towards releasing the album in April. The artwork is 99% finalized, so once we have a slab that meets our exacting standards for sonic excellence, we'll send the goods off to be duplicated in bulk. Stay tuned.

(a little preview)

We DID plug in long enough to do another 3-song set for the Woodbine Rocks Tic Tac Toe at Twin Kegs last week, and we'll be doing a couple of songs for their 70s night next week (3/12), if you're in the mood for cheap beer, good burgers, and 9 bands doing their best to revisit the decade that brought us Patrick J. Miller, KISS, and Star Wars.

Before we get around to all that we've got a show this Friday (3/8) at The 5 Spot in East Nashville with Scale Hound and the Blind Melon side project Abandon Jalopy. We play the middle slot on this bill, and we're jazzed to hook up with these guys. Immediately following this show, we've gotta saddle up and drive 8 hours north overnight to make an early load-in at Moore's Pub in Canton, IL, where we'll be opening for LA Guns the next day (3/9). This is a free show, and it starts early at 4PM with Defiance & Plain Jane, our set scheduled for around 7PM, and LA Guns right after. Yeah, FREE. Both of these shows will feature TGA alumni Matt Andersen on bass; subbing for Henry Go, who has another commitment to honor this week. Rest assured, Hank will be back for our Twin Kegs date and beyond.

Once we return to the current decade, and put a bow on the 'Nothing's Broken' record, I'm gonna head BACK up to Central Illinois to do some writing with Tommy Edwards and Gary Richrath for a record they're putting together. Some of you may be familiar with Gary from REO Speedwagon, the band he formed and lead to multi-platinum success in the 70s & 80s. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to get in a room and throw some ideas around with these guys.

Once I get back from that, I'm headed to Los Angeles for a few days to do a little bit of this and that, and maybe start work on a video for one of the tunes from the new record. More on that later.

I'm sure we'll have some other shows popping up here & there, but for now all we have to worry about in April is getting this release out and into some ears, and a full-band acoustic show at The Rutledge (4/14) with Mike Tramp of White Lion. I'm sure our dance card will look a little different come the end of this month.

Save 10 bucks. You're gonna need it.


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