OK, here's what's been happening since we last encountered each other via a similar transmission…

We played with Mike Tramp from White Lion, and had a damn good time doing so. We sounded(and looked) something like THIS.

Mr. Tramp was a swell cat, said some kind things about us on his Facebook page, and even went so far as to wear one of our t-shirts in an installment of his road video series "Songs From A Motel". You can see that HERE.

We did another installment of Twin Kegs Tic Tac Toe in there somewhere…80s Night…did some REO Speedwagon & Tesla, and even a quick "encore" of John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" on the fly.

We also did a last-minute benefit at Kustom Kreature for the East C.A.N. association. They assist in fostering lost or abandoned animals. Great folks behind this thing, and a cool joint to boot. Besides, how often do you get to see a guy in a wolf headdress ride right through the front door of a tattoo parlor on a pink Vespa scooter while a band is playing in the corner? It was only MY third such experience, and I'm pretty traveled, so I can imagine you're thinking "not very often". Good times.

Ahead of us we have a trio of shows this weekend, starting Friday, May 2nd at John Brown's On The Square in Marion, IL, hands-down out favorite regular gig. We're doing three sets that night, which means a few select cover tunes, in addition to a handful of our own songs we've reinstated recently from previous releases.

Since Henry, Kenny, & I will be backing up our buddy Joshua Ketchmark at this years International Pop Overthrow Festival here in Nashville on Sunday, we're gonna drag him along and pull him up onstage for a couple of his numbers here & there throughout the night. This will be Josh's first live performance since relocating to Nashville from Los Angeles in October, and it's starting to come together, so this may not be the last you see of this lineup.

From Marion, we're headed a little further north to support ex-Motley Crue vocalist/RATT guitarist John Corabi with an acoustic performance at Goodfellas in Pekin, IL on Saturday, May 3rd. You can get advance tix for this at the venue for just $10. Otherwise they'll be $15 at the door, FYI.

And then, as mentioned, the IPO Fest on Sunday. Joshua plays at 10:30, followed by us as The Great Affairs, closing out the event at 11:15.

The rest of May will be spent prepping an entirely new set for our May 31st show at Exit/In here in Nashville, with Yenisley, Black Market Research and more. We're gonna take this opportunity to bust out a new song or two, and see if they fly. Please don't hesitate to voice your opinion on the matter, that's why we're doing it this way. Since we've stockpiled so much material between the release of the '4' EP and now, mostly because of Kenny & I being tied up in finishing The Die Youngs record, we really need to weed through this stuff to find the right tunes for a followup TGA release. They can't all make the cut, or this will be our 'All Things Must Pass'.

Speaking of The Die Youngs, you can preview the album in its entirety at SOUNDCLOUD, and here are direct links to a few places you can get the 'Nothing's Broken' record, either in digital or physical form:




Also, for the next 48 hours, if you order any t-shirt design from our STORE, you get a free download card for 'Nothing's Broken', but this offer expires at the end of April, so the clock is ticking.

OK, I've gotta split for a songwriting thing, but hopefully we'll see you out there. Thanks again to everyone who's picked up the new records, and all the kind words about it. A lot of folks busted their tales to get it together, so it's much appreciated.

Be good to yourselves,