First off, let me just apologize for the lack of regular updates. Trust me, it's not a LACK of activity that has made us go dark over here, rather a full slate of things keeping us tied up and away from the business of staying in touch. Again, sorry.

I'm sure most of you aren't really wondering what has kept us away, but I'm gonna pretend you were, and fill you in anyhow.

We made a record….a whole record this time….what we refer to in "the biz" as an LP. Sadly, it won't be on vinyl, but we are making the CD version available in just a couple of weeks. It's being pressed as you read this(assuming you're read ing this within 2 weeks of its original transmission), and we're making it available for pre-order right <H
ERE> , so do us both a favor and grab yourself a copy now. It will arrive at your doorstep in a lovingly-designed gatefold sleeve(courtesy of our buddy Joshua Ketchmark), that will hopefully allow you to imagine what it might've been like were it in a 12"x 12" format, as opposed to the far less-impressive 4.75" x 4.75" that we've been forced to contend with in this digital age.

Format shortcomings aside, this thing turned out great, and we're beyond proud of the work. Our go-to cohorts behind the board(Michael Saint-Leon), and keys(Michael Webb), brought a little something extra to the party on this one, and I think we covered most of the bases with this batch. You can here a few preview tracks over at our <REVERBNATION> page, and we're rotating new ones in and out every Monday until the record drops.

Oh yeah, it's called 'Dream In Stereo', and it looks a little like this…almost exactly like this in fact.

We were gonna call it 'Hello Miss America'…some of you may have see the original cover art options we'd been working on even, but we decided 'Dream In Stereo' had a better ring to it, and the cover concept we came up with was simply cooler than our initial idea, hands down.

If you get this today(Thursday, December 4th), we're playing one last full-band show for the year at The Rutledge in Nashville, bidding farewell to one of our favorite venues and the only soundman we'd ever let yell at Henry without reprisal, Mr. Frank Sass. We've put together a set that's designed to kick your giggleberries up into your throat, so dress accordingly, and don't cry if your ears hurt afterwards, or we're gonna take turns pointing and laughing at you. We hit the stage at 8, followed by some cats that call themselves Tom & Hebron at 9.

There's more news to come, regarding the Bombshell Crush CD reissue. I received a few copies today, but I'll have order details from the label soon, so watch for a link to be posted on the site soon. They look fantastic, and sound amazing, for the record….brought back a lot of great memories as I gave my copy a once-through…that band might've had a little more gas in the tank, but I suppose we'll never know. Ah nostalgia…..(p.s. I'll have a very small quantity on hand at the show tonight, so find me before they're gone if you want yours now.)

But back to the present, <HERE> is that link again to pre-order the new record, and those should be shipping the week before Xmas, so we got her wrapped up just in time. Hey, who knows, if we sell enough, we might just make another one.

In the meantime, we're gonna concentrate on getting back out there and playing a few shows, so keep an eye on the calendar, our <FACEBOOK> page, the <OFFICIAL TGA SITE>, and your local entertainment rag for our impending engagements.

See you tonight….or very soon,
  The Great Affairs