High of 93° in Nashville today? This IS Fall, right?

Officially autumn or not, we’re rolling up on our final shows of 2019, or at least that’s what the calendar is telling me. Unless something else pops up that calls for us to pack the trailer one more time, it appears that our finale will take place over the course of the first weekend in November, with shows in Libertyville and Pekin, IL.

Now me, I’ve got a couple of other commitments around Thanksgiving, while I’m home visiting family, so if you’re going to be in Central Illinois around Turkey Day, you can catch me doing the solo acoustic thing on Friday night in Peoria at Rhythm Kitchen, or a set opening for The Rumours, and Brent Stortzum & The Valentines on Saturday at The Twisted Spoke Saloon in Pekin.

From there, it looks like The Great Affairs are on hiatus. I don’t really know yet what our plans are for next year, other than attempting to finish up the tracks we started a while back that might bring us a little closer to having a new record in the can.

Truthfully, I’ve been neck-deep in work on my solo record, which we just wrapped up tracking last night, and my mind has been pretty much consumed with bringing those songs to life. In between the handful of dates we did last month in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee, I’ve been holed up in one studio or another, making sure every bit of lean meat I can hang on the bones of these arrangements is securely in place. This particular batch of tunes is more compact, less bombastic, and deliberately streamlined to feature the vocal, as the lyrics are especially personal this time around, and I didn’t want them lost behind a wall of gained-up guitars.

If you were into the first couple of TGA records, this one might be more your speed. While not without the occasional loud guitar and big drums here & there, it’s definitely a moodier outing, owing more to some of my singer/songwriter heroes than the Classic Rock/Power Pop well the band usually tends to draw from. It’s me taking my cues from Justin Currie, Elvis Costello, Paul Westerberg, Donnie Vie, and maybe a little ‘Tunnel Of Love’-era Bruce. I’ll dig into the motivation for the whole endeavor once it’s in the water, and do my best to justify stepping out on the guys for a minute to do this.

The album artwork is completed, but no single has been chosen yet. Once we get that sorted out, along with a release date, formats(vinyl?), new pics, video, etc., I’ll share the title and some previews.

I keep telling people it “feels like a November record” to me, but I’m not sure it’ll be possible to get it out that quickly, so please stay tuned, and maybe also follow my solo FaceBook page for the most current updates. I promise I’ll start using that more often as this thing unfolds.

OK then, I think that’s about all I’ve got to drop on you for now. With any luck there will be another update in a few weeks that sheds a little more light on these proceedings.

Be good to each other,
  The Great Affairs