Just 2 more dates for this month, and they couldn't be less alike.

First up, we unplug for Madisonville, KY, with a 2-hr set of acoustic stuff at THE CROWDED HOUSE on Saturday, October 10th.

And then we're headed up to Pekin, IL to open day 2 of 2015's Rock N' Skull Fest at The Leeway on Saturday, October 17th. We'll probably roll in a day early and stay a day late to tape an episode of the new podcast Drunken Lullabies while we're in town, visit some family, and catch the rest of the lineup.

From there it's back to work on the new show, getting everyone up to speed on the changes to the set, and prepping for a handful of gigs in November & December, before we start really getting down to business in the new year, and looking at maybe doing another record while we're at it.