Our year is winding down, ladies & gentlemen. We are but three shows away from bringing the curtain down on our 2018 schedule. ‘Ten & 2’ has seen some success, and we’ve gotten to see a little more of the U.S. this year, courtesy of its release, the purchase of Jean Claude Damme Van, and a responsibility to get out and promote this album the old-fashioned way. We’re all a little beaten-up, and are definitely primed for a breather, but I think it’s been worth it.

What 2019 is going to like is anyone’s guess, but I think there are still a few good miles left on this record, so we’ll probably get back to pushing it up and down the highway sometime in February. You should see dates popping up soon, either here, or via our BANDS IN TOWN page, our FACEBOOK profile, or our REVERBNATION account. Just keep an eye out.

We’re just back from a pair of shows in Illinois, that included a stop at this year’s beleaguered RockNSkull fest. Yeah, only one headliner of the 4 scheduled bothered to make an appearance, and yes, their designated replacements followed suit on one or two nights, but those of us who DID make the effort were greeted by one of the most receptive crowds you could ever have the pleasure of sharing the gospel of Rock N’ Roll with, so oh f#cking well. Your cat doesn’t know sh#t, man.(long story)

We had a blast, blew through a mess of merch, drank a few overpriced beers, and got to hang with some colorful characters, including our labelmates in The Rumours, Wild America, Steelcity, and Tango Down. I lost exact count of the number of TGA shirts I saw in service throughout the venue on the nights we were in attendance, but it was an impressive figure before slipping my mind. That kinda stuff does the heart good. Thanks, guys.

Hell, I almost forgot, the pièce de résistance was getting Mark “Gus” Scott of Trixter; who’d been emceeing the event, up to play their biggest MTV hit “Give It To Me Good” with us. That guy is perpetually on 11, and you’d think that after 4 days of festivities, he’d be down for the count, but he was indeed up to the task, and we knocked that sh#t out proper, without so much as a single rehearsal or even a conversation on the subject. My teenage self would have traded his Kramer Baretta for the privilege.

Since I mentioned merch a minute ago, and we’ve been getting a few messages about this subject, I guess now would be a good time to mention that we’re going to be pressing another run of the expanded ‘4’ EP that we so cleverly dubbed ‘4.5’. It’s the version with the added covers of KISS’s “Hard Luck Woman” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”, along with an unreleased tune of ours called “All Along”. We’ve been sold out of the CD for quite a while, and we unloaded the last handful of the second ‘4’ pressing at RockNSkull on Sunday, so it looks like we’ve got no choice but to order up some more. As soon as I know when they’re expected to be in stock, I’ll re-add them to our STORE here on the site, and post something about it on Facebook.

Before I give you the skinny on the last few dates for 2018, click HERE to read an interview about ’Ten & 2”’ that I did recently for Rock Nation Magazine. Just flip to virtual Page 22, to get my thoughts on sports bras and vitamin water, among other things.

I just remembered something else as I was about wrap up…well, TWO things actually. First, I hope everyone digs the slight website overhaul, with the videos playing behind everything. I guess it’s only visible if you’re viewing this on a computer, and mobile devices will only show a static background(Sorry.). On a related note, the service we were using for our monthly email blast has flown the coop. We’re attempting to secure a new provider and migrate our contacts over now.We should have that sorted soon.

OK then….the final three:

Friday, November 2nd at Bokeh Lounge in Evansville, IN
w/support from Joshua Ketchmark 9PM

Friday, November 9th at John Brown’s On The Square in Marion, IL 9PM

Saturday, November 17th at The 5 Spot in East Nashville, TN
w/support from The Ivins, and TBA 9PM

Now there’s always the possibility that something could drop in our lap that we just can’t say no to, but as of this writing, these are the last shows for 2018, and we’re not actively seeking to change that. Still, watch our calendar, because these things have a way of creeping out of the woodwork at the 11th hour.

Be good to yourself, and each other, as always.

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