Truth be told, there's not a whole lot to talk about, if we're just doing a recap of last month's activities. Now that's not to say stuff wasn't going on, because we were in fact quite busy…just not on the road or stage.

But that's about to change, I assure you. We were simply occupied with behind-the-scenes stuff, and maybe a little gambling.

In March we begin easing back into it with a handful of shows in Kentucky & Illinois, including a pair of benefits, one to assist in the rebuilding of our favorite haunt John Brown's On The Square…

…and the other a fundraiser for Diabetes & Epilepsy awareness that will have us pulling two shifts back to back for a good cause. The first will be us doing what we do on the regular as The Great Affairs, while following that up immediately thereafter with a full set as backup for my old BEST OF SEVEN bandmate Shane Tassart. As of late, Shane has been fronting an outfit called Lies, Deceit, & Treachery, which also features 3/4s of the original BulletBoys lineup. With that in mind, we'll be doing a little something from their debut, along with a handful of covers we have in common(and some we didn't until just now), as well as a couple of things from the Best Of Seven catalog. It's a pretty cool set, and one that I think anyone who digs stuff from the 80s will find particularly entertaining.

While our calendar has been light, we've taken advantage of the time off to revamp our song list a bit, rethinking a few selections, and resurrecting a number of album tracks that we'd shelved or overlooked along the way, even going so far as to finally introduce something from the long player Kenny & I did as THE DIE YOUNGS in 2014. More than anything, we've been cleaning house, and getting our business in order for a busy summer, and the start of work on our 6th record. I've written some more tunes, and I think the direction is starting to become a little clearer as to where we might be headed with this one, allowing me to set aside a few things that; while I feel very close to them, might not be what this band needs to keep the collective ball rolling…and besides, we need stuff for a follow up to that Die Youngs release anyway.

So, head over to our OFFICIAL page, our BandsInTown profile, or REVERBNATION for the latest show dates(Things start to really pick up in May as we head a little further east and south. ), and keep up with us via our FACEBOOK and TWITTER as we begin hashing out these new songs and seeing just what we've got to work with. Oh yeah, and we might do a real quick, totally-unrelated to-the-next-record, hit n' run studio thing shortly that'll hopefully make up for our lack of recorded output in 2015. I'll keep you posted.


p.s. The Thomas record I co-produced with Joshua Ketchmark has been picked up for release in May by HighVolumeMusic. Check out the PRESS RELEASE. And speaking of Joshua, he just released a single called "My Old Man", written for his dad Bill, who passed a few years back. Bill was good dude, and this song is a great tribute to him. You can check that out HERE.