One month and change. That’s how long ‘Ten & 2’ has been out, so if you pre-ordered yours and still don’t have one, somebody bamboozled you. Let us know if we need to slap anyone around on your behalf. We’ll straighten that out right quick.

We know from the many testimonials, pics, and sincerely humbling messages & emails we’ve received that it’s making its mark, and that surely does feel good. From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you all for grabbing a copy and truly taking it in. We hope it sticks with you, and we get a chance to do the whole thing over again at least once more before we cash in our chips.

We’ve played a handful of shows since the last proper update, and are about to embark on a few more weekend runs throughout the Summer, pushing this album on the unsuspecting masses in various far-flung locales. A few new tunes have crept into the set, and by “new”, I mean things we haven’t played before, not necessarily fresh compositions…we’re sitting on all those like golden eggs.

We’ve got some online, print, and radio interviews in the pipeline, so watch our FACEBOOK page for notifications about where and when to tune in, and/or what links to click on to check those out as they appear. HERE is a quick Q&A I did to promote our upcoming appearance at the New England Rock Fest for example.

The “behind the scenes/making of” rundown I promised, about the process of putting together the new album is up now on our OFFICIAL SITE…just click those capitalized letters in yellow that don’t say “HERE” like the rest of the links.

Our latest T-shirt design, inspired by John Lennon’s “lost weekend” with onetime muse May Pang, is available for pre-order HERE. We’re calling this one “Give Side Piece A Chance”, and we’re only doing a short run, in case Yoko decides to storm our merch table with a dease & desist, so get your orders in now. They run S-XXL, and they’re going quick, so if you really want one, you might wanna jump on it ASAP. They'll start shipping out on August 14th.

That’s about it for business, I think. Just click HERE and be redirected to our store, where you can see buying options for ‘Ten & 2’, along with our previous releases, t-shirts, and other assorted oddities of commerce.

Up next on out schedule:

Friday, August 10th at John Brown’s On The Square in Marion, IL
Friday, August 17th at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA for New England Rock Fest w/Eric Martin(Mr. Big)
Friday, August 24th at Eighth & Rail in Opelika, AL w/Tyler and Tabatha Brooks
Saturday, August 25th at The Loft in Columbus, GA
Saturday, September 1st at Persie’s in Creve Coeur, IL with Thomas, and Brent Stortzum

Be good to each other...and yourself,


The Great Affairs