Here we are, kids, with Christmas(and a new Star Wars) right around the corner. In the spirit of giving, The Force, and old Saint Nick too I guess, we'd like to extend the only sort of gift our sorely underpaid musician wallets will allow, and offer up some free music. Seeing as we're just days away from the 1-year anniversary of the 'Dream In Stereo' album release, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to host a joint celebration of that auspicious occasion, as well as whatever 4th quarter religious observation each of you holds near and dear, by dropping a link on you that will allow you to grab a free download of our latest, in its entirety.

 Please feel free to share this with anyone and everyone you think might be ecstatic, overjoyed, or even agitated by the notion of these free digital goods. Like U2, we aspire to alienate people with generosity, particularly those that have nothing better to do than complain about the labor-intensive act of deleting an unwanted album from their iTunes. OK, not really, but I just wanted to take a moment to poke fun at anyone who really got their cheeks stuck together over that business. Sorry.

 As I was saying though, click HERE to get your virtual hands on the best 12 tracks(or at least the 12 we could all agree upon…Personally, I feel we left some good stuff on the bench, but our version of Democracy involves arm-wrestling, and as you may have noticed, my gun show is small caliber, so you wouldn't want me representing your constituency in matters such as these.), and a cover of the Dave Mason classic "We Just Disagree", that we cut for the 'Toy Master' documentary.

 I know a lot of you already have the record, in one form or another, but for anyone who was on the fence about buying it, here's a risk-free opportunity to climb down and see what all the fuss we made was about. We worked really hard to see that this thing captured all the facets of the band's personality, and I'm proud of the job we did of making this collection of tunes sound like they could all hang together without throwing punches.

 You never know when the work you're crafting might be the last thing you ever release. In this age of apathy towards art, the dwindling financial returns seen versus the investment made in capturing and mass-producing music can take a mighty hatchet to whatever drives us to create and share.

 Thankfully, our wills are not yet broken, and as foolhardy as it may seem, I'm pretty sure we'll selfishly put our pig heads to the grindstone and start album #6 shortly. In the meantime, please help yourselves to our last platter, and maybe we'll see you out on the road in the new year, singing along.

 OK then…that business out of the way…here's how we're about to wrap up 2015.

 This Friday, December 4th, we'll be at The Spillway in Bowling Green, KY, and taking over for the whole night, from 9-1. It's hard telling what we'll play…they don't even let me in on the sets until show time.

 The following Friday, December 11th, we officially close out our year at The Crowded House in Madisonville, KY. This one is a full-band acoustic show, from 8-10:30…we'll probably play straight through, and I might even try a new tune or two, if I'm feeling it.

 That's about it for us, BUT there could be a quick local showcase in Franklin, TN on Wednesday, December 16th, so watch the OFFICIAL SITE for details on that.

 Merry Christmas(or whatever your thing is/isn't) and a Happy New Year,
   The Great Affairs