OK, I guess it's been a month or so since the last update, and truthfully there hasn't been much of note going on other than a heap of behind the scenes crap that would likely bore you to tears if I were to expound upon it. As such, I will cut to the chase and try to "CliffsNotes" this entry to the best of my notoriously long-winded ability.

We played a couple of shows. The last Crowded House acoustic gig in Madisonville, KY was an absolute blast. It gave us a chance to try out a few new tunes, and the gang there seems to be growing in numbers…plus, I got a sweet new lid from a cat named Danny who swears it will bring me luck, even if he nearly died in a car accident when he first got it.

We finally got back to The Pond in Franklin, TN, even if Henry only just made it in the nick of time. Honestly, I thought we played like crap, but whatever, those nights happen every now and then. My apologies though to anyone who was in attendance and happened to share my opinion of our performance.

The new T-shirts have been selling well, and it is here that I shall insert a shameless plug in the form of a LINK you might click on to procure one for yourself.(note: All the bonus swag on offer originally is still to be had, so get 'em while that lasts.)

We earned ourselves this pretty rave REVIEW last week from the other side of the world, so if you're reading this and haven't yet laid claim to a copy of the new record, this writeup should send you sprinting to THIS LOCATION to set that mistake straight.

OH yeah, and I lost a bunch of cash in Vegas since the last time we convened here, so please feel free to buy an extra thing or two from the store so I can get off this Ramen Noodle diet. I hear all the sodium is bad for you.

Producer Joshua Ketchmark & I did a little more work on the new Thomas(Tommy Edwards) record, including a co-write that looks like it'll be track #7 for the project. I just finished up a demo of that the other day and I think it'll be a cool addition to what is currently quite a mixed bag of material. Tommy will be back in Nashville to cut some more vocals in early/mid May, and it looks like we're shooting for a Fall release. His band are making their live debut with us in Pekin, IL on Saturday, May 23rd, for anyone in the Central Illinois area.

Speaking of show dates, everything for the next couple of months that we have on the books at the moment are in the entry below this one, so check those out…a couple of local dates, and then a few IL, & KY engagements for April & May.

Other than all of the above, I learned how to hang wood siding, went to L.A. for a week, where I ate and drank too much and had Alice Cooper's bass player make me coffee, cut my hair, and wrote few songs, one of which might be my contribution to a new digital single from THE DIE YOUNGS. I should know more about that by the next time we get around to one of these.

Alright then, I hope everyone had a good Easter, and  we'll see you when we see you.


p.s. For anyone following my Hearing Things blog online, I've opted out of doing that for a while/indefinitely/maybe forever. I've just had too much other stuff going on to keep up any sort of consistent quality, and didn't wanna just submit tripe to fulfill an obligation to the publication. Sorry.(HERE's the last entry…sort of a more detailed explanation.)